Words From God

Don't Wait

Jesus is calling upon you. He is telling you to come to Him. Hear His voice before it is too late. My prayer is that you will come to know Him.

Some people said I can wait. They think; I have plenty of time. But time passes so fast and they wait too long. Death comes in the twinkling of the eye.

Death comes to some late in life. To others life is short. We don't know when. But, come it will that is certain. Through wrecks, accidents, sudden ways.

Don't put off a decision for Jesus. Today while there is still time. Hear Jesus calling to you. He will guide you. It is not to late, tomorrow may be.

Choose Jesus; He is the one for you, to fill all your needs with His love. So don't wait; do it today for you and your loved ones and for me, our church and most of all Jesus. He died for you, we want to see you in Heaven.

For we are praying for you

Jesus is the way and the only way

Words from God

Penned by:

Kathy Shaw Williams